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Holiday gift wrap ideas that are creative and easy! November 21, 2011

Filed under: Christmas,Holidays — Tasya Marra Demers @ 7:43 am

Doilies, doilies, doilies need I say more? Brown paper, twine and a doilie, easy, easy, easy! (thank you

Can it get any simpler than masking tape and striped straws, super cute! (

Ok, who wouldn’t love three gifts in one? First you have a fun festive shirt, pinned with a brooch and wrapping the gift, love it. (thanks to again)

Who doesn’t love the idea of not spending anything on gift wrap??? This is from an old phone book! Love it!

I thought this one was cool as well, the  leaves are super easy to cut out, hmm wonder where we find the paper? A paper bag could  work right?

Who wouldn’t love to receive a package wrapped with candy?

I always love something that is nature inspired.

Here are some really pretty and crafty ways to dress up your gifts.

Now get creative and dress up your gifts with inspired ideas and you will be sure to please everyone, fun!


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