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How do you inspire your child? November 22, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration — Tasya Marra Demers @ 3:02 pm

Being a mother of two small children I am constantly thinking about how I can keep my children focused on learning in school in an self-empowered inspiring way. I also want them to be social and creative, its a lot to balance while making sure they are feeling nurtured and happy. Then there are the traits and lessons your child is picking up from you, you just hope they are good, right….but seriously if we are doing are best that is all we can do, just thinking about it is a good thing.

Have you ever watched a child playing in the sandbox making mud pies or watched a girl play dress up or a boy make sound effects whilst playing with his hot wheels? If so then you know kids are born with the ability to be creative, imaginative and are very curious. Some how as they grow older some of that spark can get lost along the way.

Most important is the face time we can give our children rather than toys or games, it is the quality time. The time spent helps nurture a strong bond, respect and comfort that both mom, dad and child need to foster inspiration and the child’s ability to be ambitious as well as setting obtainable goals.

With children it is critical as a parent to empower a child to embrace the challenges life gives us in a positive way. This kind of attitude helps nurture the child to be successful and a good human being. We all have our good days and of course we all have our bad days. It is how we encourage our children toward doing their best, being a good person and following their hearts and achieving the goals they set forth.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you inspire your children…..


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