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Family Friday sounds better to me! November 25, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration,Just for fun — Tasya Marra Demers @ 4:41 pm

I could never be a Black Friday shopper, what is it about discounted Snuggies and half-priced crock pots that turn otherwise perfectly sane  people hysterical!

Ok, so there may be some  good deals and I totally respect that people want to get the best prices, but the day is designed by hungry corporations that know very well that the consumer just loves anything that says “10% off”. The dollar or two savings might be costing, a lot more than we think.

Consider the meaning of Thanksgiving-  families and friends, together, being grateful for everything we have.  Finding true appreciation for your life. Then comes Black Friday flying in the face of everything you just spent that last day thinking about.

If you are like me, you were probably spending the day with your loved  ones, having a good time and discussing all the reasons you are thankful: sharing good food, hugs and smiling faces, cherishing and remembering. Then comes Black Friday, which stands for the exact opposite, celebrating everything materialistic. Not your parents, not your siblings or your friends…just you and your new stuff. I mean I realize some of those purchases are for loved ones, but I don’t like that Corporate America has brainwashed us all, it is just sad. Why does there have to be a specific, entire day devoted to what has become our national pastime – consumerism?

I just don’t like the celebration of spending, that’s all.

Your thoughts?


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