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T-shirt scarf December 8, 2011

Filed under: Style,Tutorials — Tasya Marra Demers @ 3:51 pm

My new obsession right now is the many ways I can turn an everyday t-shirt into a scarf or necklace that is super cute and fun to wear! I want to show you how I made this  one!

Now lets get started with a t-shirt of any color or pattern.

Next we start cutting the t-shirt into 1 inch strips like so.

Then you take your strips and stretch the heck out of them to make long skinny loops.

Next, you can gather them and take an extra strip from the leftover t-shirt scraps and tie it around the loop to hold it in place securely.

Then take the long loop and make an infinity loop and put it on, super easy! And, you can wear it like above or a little neater like below, fun!

Stay tuned for another t-shirt scarf tutorial, do you like braids??


One Response to “T-shirt scarf”

  1. katiecougar Says:

    Love this – do tell – I always want more!!!!!!!

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