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Letters from Santa December 11, 2011

Filed under: Christmas,Holidays — Tasya Marra Demers @ 2:21 pm

Shhhh….don’t tell! 

We are writing letters to our boys this year that will be from Santa Claus and we are going to make it an annual tradition found in the kids stockings of course! I envision wrapping paper, twinkling lights from the Christmas tree, Christmas music playing, fire crackling and fallen pine needles on the floor while we read our children their letters from Santa Claus.

I’d like to think that these letters will be something we treasure over the years looking back year after year. The letters will serve as a way to remember our lives together as a family. Each letter will chronicle high points and learning developments of each year as well as the struggles of a little boy’s life, like Grandpa dying. Other areas to focus on are sports, vacations, holidays past, and the trials of adolescence. We hope to take these letters out twenty years from now and enjoy reading them together as they are a keepsake snippet of our family history.

I think our letter to our 5 year old will sound something like this:

Dear N,

I am pleased that you have been such a good boy this year. You have grown so very much, your parents must be very proud of you!

My elves have noted that you have done well in school – believe you are getting good lily pad reports every day – being responsible and kind to others, that’s very important for a young boy. You are a thoughtful, creative and intelligent young boy – others look to you as a natural leader, work at that important talent.

Of course I was saddened that you lost lost your Grandpa this year, he was a fine man whom I delivered many presents to when he was young himself. You may trust that his soul is forever happy now and watching over you.

I know that you have worked hard at being a good brother to B – its not always easy to share and turn the other cheek. It is important that you both love each other – you are brothers forever.

We all get mad sometimes – that’s okay, I want you to work to be in control of your anger. You should also work hard this year on reading, it is time now and I know you want to do it. Once you can read, there are more adventures out there than sand on the beach.

As you open these gifts and celebrate the Christmas season, be sure that hug your mom and dad, say your prayers and be thankful. We at the North Pole are very thankful for all your good work this year, keep it up!

Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) 

It makes Christmas that much more sentimental and meaningful, maybe you should give it a try yourself!

Cool pictures huh?, we were helping put Christmas lights up at my parents house and I got under the tree and snapped away, what a cool tree!


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