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Another festive simmer, Christmas cookies and a pine cone craft December 17, 2011

Filed under: Around the house,Christmas,Winter — Tasya Marra Demers @ 2:40 pm

Started a simmer this morning of clementine peels, cinnamon and cloves, it smells so good in here right now. Yum, I recommend it, it is very pleasing to the senses!

Clementine peels, with water.

Next add the spices and simmer away!

I came home from running all those gazillions of errands we all seem to have this time of year to find my boys in the kitchen making Christmas cookies with their daddy.

Of course they were mostly eating the toppings whilst daddy was doing the hardwork!

Gotta love how these turned out…

I kept the boys busy for a bit in the kitchen while I was blogging of course! Pine cones, plus craft ball thingys and some glitter glue, done!

Gotta cute pic the other night of my boys looking very dapper if I do so myself!

Brotherly love, see they do get along sometimes!


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