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The boys get ready to paint! December 19, 2011

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The boys wanted to break out the paints today and get paintin! Great winter time activity and keeps em busy for at least an hour.

Paints are ready and the brushes too!

Mr. N asks what should I paint?

Well, how about a little help with that? I bought the Melissa & Doug complete the picture paper, the frames were already there, the kids just complete the picture. Kinda fun and different.

Mr. B  chose the seeds page.

Mr. B gets started, quite the little painter he is!

This a very detailed portion of my painting mommy. Silly guy.

And this is his masterpiece. When asked what he painted, he said corn and flowers mommy! Of course they are Mr. B!

Mr. N chose the landscape page.

Mr. N is very thoughtful about his painting plan.

And this is his creation, different colored suns with a red picket fence.

Had fun painting mommy!

Now what will we be doing tomorrow? Hmmm.


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