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Winter Solstice December 20, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration,My Thoughts,Winter — Tasya Marra Demers @ 10:46 am

So here it comes the shortest day of the year, not my favorite day! Sunrise will be at 7:55 and the sunset will be at 4:20, boo! It is a fact that I have a hard time during the winter months here in Seattle, but this year I pledge to be better! No more complaining, it is what it is, embrace it…or move!!

We will start with lights, lots of lights all my lights are on dimmers too, every one! It is nice to be able to control the light to be just how you want it.

Candles, lots of candles and I vow to burn them often, makes everything seem more cozy.

Light the fire every night, it just feels good.

I think I will invest in one of those light thingys that you put on the counter to get your third eye, ya know for Vitamin D.

Oh, that brings me to my next point, vitamin D and lots of it. Don’t skimp here, I find it really does improve my mood when I am taking it regularly. (Disclosure: I am no doctor, just telling you what works for me) Oh, and don’t forget your multi-vitamins!

Of course, you could just eat your vitamins right? Eat those leafy greens and all that awesome citrus that is out there this time of year, yummy!

Music playing most of the time, it really helps me get through the day. I choose the genre to suit my mood, love Pandora!

Fresh flowers as often as you can! Pike Place Market here in Seattle is the best bet in the winter, cheap flowers and oh so good for the senses! Another way to bring the outdoors in is to force bulbs, super easy and rewarding as you watch them grow.

Don’t forget houseplants, they add  a nice touch of green that is otherwise missing this time of year.

We all know we need exercise, probably even more important this time of year, right? Get out there and take a walk. Bundle up, get a friend, take the kids and go for it! I will be taking my own advice here! Call me friends!!

Aromatherapy, I love essential oils and burn them often in my oil burners. Lavender is so calming and smells great, I have a cinnamon Christmas one that is awesome this time of year. I keep them in a little wood box, there are about 20, cuz my mood changes every day!

Gettin creative with the kids is essential to our sanity as parents. Today I made roads from masking tape, kept them busy for at least an hour!

Masking tape roads complete with parking spaces.

And bubble baths, lots of bubble baths to keep you warm, unless you have a hot tub, that would be nice! Mr. N. was taking a warm bath, being a little naughty, so I had to capture him with a photo, I couldn’t resist! That is his failed attempt to cover his face.

How do you beat the winter blues?


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