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DIY Burlap Place Mats December 31, 2011

Filed under: DYI Crafts — Tasya Marra Demers @ 1:36 pm

I bought some cheap burlap to make place mats for our rustic Christmas themed table (stinky stuff, make sure you air it out before using). After a few tries I got the hang of it and made twelve!

You need to be able to measure to get an average size place mat at 12 x 18.  Then you grab one string to pull out so you have a straight line to cut down. I found that a piece of chalk came in handy to mark where you are pulling strings from and  where you want to snip it if you are not able to pull the string all the  way out in such a large piece of burlap.Pull the string all the way out. And there you have it, a path for your scissors!Start cutting out your place mats.Pull three or four strings from each side to get the fringed edge we all like so much.Sorry my pictures got a little blurry here, but you get the idea.There you have it, super easy. Now to give them a little pizazz! Break out the spray paint and tape, here we go!I am making simple stripes here with painters tape and Champagne colored spray paint.

I think it would  be fun to stencil an image on as well, like you initial or some kind of swirly thing, maybe a leaf. The possibilities are endless. Oh and the burlap cost me just under $7.00 to make 12 place mats. What a steal!


2 Responses to “DIY Burlap Place Mats”

  1. Like them a lot, where did you purchase the burlap? And how did the spray paint not get on the rest of the mat?

    • I know I already told you, but for anyone else that might want to know I bought the burlap from JoAnn’s. I also used really wide painter’s tape to make the lines and newspaper to cover the open areas that I did not want painted.

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