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T-shirt flower necklace January 3, 2012

Filed under: DYI Crafts,Style,Tutorials — Tasya Marra Demers @ 4:38 pm

So, my love affair with old t-shirts is still going strong! Today I made a necklace with an old t-shirt and some clearance fabric from JoAnn’s.

I love the fact that all my old t-shirts are coming to life again! I love reusing stuff! Below is the t-shirt I used as well as the brown fabric from JoAnn’s.

I bought a simple chain and clasp set to make the necklace.

Next, I cut lots and lots of circles from the t-shirt and fabric, they don’t have to be perfect.

The fabric was a little sturdier then the t-shirt so I used the brown fabric as a base.  I folded the circles inward and gathered from the bottom to create little cone shaped flowerettes thingys that I then glued on to the base.

Take out the trusty hot glue gun and glue to the middle of the base.Then just keep adding until you get the desired effect.Like so.Cut a piece of fabric to layout the chain in the sahpe you would be wearing it and glue the flowers down where you want them.Glue them close together.Then cut the fabric out around the flowers, this way it has a backing.

Looks like so when cut out.Super easy, just a bit time consuming with all the cutting of circles. I folded the fabric over itself a couple times to cut out more at a time. I might have to make these in every color! Thanks to little miss momma for this idea!


3 Responses to “T-shirt flower necklace”

  1. cute, now tell me how you did the watermark on your photos

  2. super cute! my mind is reeling. hmmm…what old tops can I distroy? ha!

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