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Spray paint the bathroom fixtures January 17, 2012

Filed under: Around the house,DYI Crafts — Tasya Marra Demers @ 7:25 pm

We have a house that was built in 1996 and all the fixtures are either brass or two-toned with silver and brass knobs. It is our intention to take one room at a time and update them all to oil-rubbed bronze. In the meantime I decided to spray paint all the fixtures in our powder room with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, now we will see how long they will stand the test of time especially the faucet. But, for now I am enjoying the look!

Presto chango!

Now onto the faucet, it proved to be a bit more challenging to spray.

Aaahhh, isn’t that better? This bathroom is the least used one in our home, so I hope the wear and tear will be less and the paint will look good until we get around to changing them out for good!

Any quick fixes around your house that you would like to share?


2 Responses to “Spray paint the bathroom fixtures”

  1. melissa Says:

    Looks great!!!

  2. Shawna Says:

    Of all the things I have put spray paint on this never crossed my mind but I love it! I wonder if there is some type of sealant or something that would make the finish last longer in a higher traffic bathroom… Thanks for the idea!

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