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About Me November 12, 2011

A little about me…

Hi everyone!My name is Tasya I am a wife and mother of two boys. I like to cook, craft, garden, design, decorate and share my creative ideas with you on my blog.


For some reason I have a hard time writing about myself, but I do realize that this page is about me, so here I go! Beyond my blog I enjoy being cozy in the winter and snuggling with my boys. I try to keep them busy with arts and crafts and red light green light (for indoor exercise of course). I sometimes enjoy cooking, although I do lose my motivation and have a tough time feeling inspired, alas I pull through even if it is just pizza. My favorite time of the year is anytime I can be outdoors in my garden, love getting my hands dirty. I have a BA in Business, not sure why I did that, should a went the interior decorating route instead, there’s still time right? Until then I putter around my house changing decor, moving furniture and painting walls.
I really enjoy photography and beautiful photos, which is why I am constantly taking pictures and still learning how to use my camera even though it is 6 years old!
I like things to be organized, I am constantly rearranging our closets, drawers and pantry to better suit our needs and be more efficient. I just wish it could stay that organized for a little bit longer ya know?
Now for the family part….below is a picture of my hubby and two boys ages 4 and 5.
Mr. House and Home
Doug and I have been married for 8 years. He is loyal, honest and sensitive (don’t tell him I said that) I love him dearly. He often helps around the house and is a very handy and a creative guy. He is an architect by trade but has many talents and is not afraid to evolve to better suit our needs as a family. We met in a hotel bar in Santa Monica and never looked back. Doug enjoys rowing, drawing, art, wrestling with his two boys or building castles with blocks and fixing things around the house. He likes to sing opera in the shower (he he) and making big pancake breakfasts on the weekends.
Mr. N of My House and Home
My little guy who is 5 and 1/2  is the sweetest boy ever and is so very thoughtful. He likes to observe what is going on around him and thinks before he speaks. He loves his action figures and drawing, he says he wants to be an artist (just like his daddy).  He loves the beach and playing in the sand, who doesn’t right? Mr. N likes books and his daddy reading to him, he also loves to create things with play dough. His favorite color is black, all things black. I love that guy!
Mr. B of My House and Home
My 4 year old who is my little spit fire, that boy has spunk and is not afraid to show it! At least to us anyway, as far as I know he saves the best for his parents. He definitely keeps us on our toes, he is not afraid to tell us like it is and is very stubborn. Maybe he will be a lawyer someday (I want him to be mine) he will argue to prove a point until YOU give up! He enjoys trains, riding his bike and garbage trucks, he really likes garbage trucks! Mr. B has a lot of energy and can be very sweet and snuggly, love that little man!
I can’t imagine my life without my Mr. House and Home and my little men as crazy and loud as it may be, I love it!
That’s a wrap, our family in a flash!
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