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Spray paint the bathroom fixtures January 17, 2012

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We have a house that was built in 1996 and all the fixtures are either brass or two-toned with silver and brass knobs. It is our intention to take one room at a time and update them all to oil-rubbed bronze. In the meantime I decided to spray paint all the fixtures in our powder room with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, now we will see how long they will stand the test of time especially the faucet. But, for now I am enjoying the look!

Presto chango!

Now onto the faucet, it proved to be a bit more challenging to spray.

Aaahhh, isn’t that better? This bathroom is the least used one in our home, so I hope the wear and tear will be less and the paint will look good until we get around to changing them out for good!

Any quick fixes around your house that you would like to share?


Another festive simmer, Christmas cookies and a pine cone craft December 17, 2011

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Started a simmer this morning of clementine peels, cinnamon and cloves, it smells so good in here right now. Yum, I recommend it, it is very pleasing to the senses!

Clementine peels, with water.

Next add the spices and simmer away!

I came home from running all those gazillions of errands we all seem to have this time of year to find my boys in the kitchen making Christmas cookies with their daddy.

Of course they were mostly eating the toppings whilst daddy was doing the hardwork!

Gotta love how these turned out…

I kept the boys busy for a bit in the kitchen while I was blogging of course! Pine cones, plus craft ball thingys and some glitter glue, done!

Gotta cute pic the other night of my boys looking very dapper if I do so myself!

Brotherly love, see they do get along sometimes!


I heart mason jars! December 16, 2011

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There are so many uses for mason jars and they make me a little nostalgic too!!

I love this idea with the burlap and lime slices with daffodils!

Floating candles with glass bead at the bottom are a nice touch.

Perfect for lemonade.

Put em on the counter and squish some Christmas lights in them and you have instant ambiance. 

Kitchen herbs.

Lacey mason jars.

I love this light fixture!

How about a little paint, instant transformation!

The lid can make for a perfect pin cushion.

A stash of all your favorite pens and pencils.

Pretty tinted mason jars an easy DIY.

Try screwing the lids to a shelf for storing small items.

Mason jar terrarium.

Love this idea for Halloween.

Epsom salt to look like snow, love!

A personal cake in a jar, sweet!

I’m headed out to go get some mason jars, see ya later!


Displaying Kids Art December 12, 2011

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Once N started kindergarten the art that used to come home in abundance whilst in preschool reduced dramatically….so sad! So, we decided to dedicate an area of our house to the kids art space, spontaneous art that is. The supplies are always there, coloring books a many and the paper is always ready. Let me just say the amount of time my two boys go on their own to sit at the art table and doodle, color and create is awesome and best of all it is unprovoked my mommy and daddy!

Crayons, pens, pencils and scissors are ready for action!

Now, just how to display all that art work??? We decided to turn an otherwise boring wall into our kids art display wall.

Love this wall and it is ever changing as the seasons change.

Simple trim from the hardware store with bulldog clips from the office supply store, easy peasy!

Do you have any creative ideas on how to display your children’s art work?


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