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DIY Sunburst Mirror January 19, 2012

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It seems as though several blogs out there have some version of a sunburst mirror and I just love them, so I decided to give one a try. This version was intended to be outside under our covered front door porch. It looks great, I probably will have to paint it some fresh sunny color, but for now the unfinished look is how it is and I like it!

Here’s how I did it…

The Supplies

I bought two packages of long shims (there are two sizes) from Lowes.

Two wooden floral rings from Diy Bangles. I bought one at 12 inches and the other at 14 inches, had they not been out of stock of the 18 inch one I would have bought that instead of the 14 inch. It still worked fine.

The mirror was fun because it is one of those convex security mirrors, it seemed more interesting then the standard mirror. I got it from Amazon.

And of course lots and lots of glues sticks for your hot glue gun!

To protect it from any outdoor elements I sprayed the finished starburst mirror with Polycrylic, also from Lowes.

I used Gorilla epoxy glue to glue the mirror on, that is some seriously strong stuff!

I hot glued the skinny end of the shims to the wood floral rings like below. I wanted a chunky mirror with a lot of texture.

The next layer goes on top in between your first layer and slightly lower as well.

I put the third layer lower then the second and only on every other gap. Same with the fourth layer.

I used every single  shim and then broke out the Gorilla glue to adhere the mirror. I put a towel on top of the mirror and put two full paint cans on top over night to make sure it adhered well.

I know I will end up painting this a fun color when spring and summer approach. We are getting ready to paint our house, so I will wait to see what we do and coordinate my choice then. I will be sure to update when I get it done. Thanks to Hi Sugarplum for this idea!


Spray paint the bathroom fixtures January 17, 2012

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We have a house that was built in 1996 and all the fixtures are either brass or two-toned with silver and brass knobs. It is our intention to take one room at a time and update them all to oil-rubbed bronze. In the meantime I decided to spray paint all the fixtures in our powder room with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, now we will see how long they will stand the test of time especially the faucet. But, for now I am enjoying the look!

Presto chango!

Now onto the faucet, it proved to be a bit more challenging to spray.

Aaahhh, isn’t that better? This bathroom is the least used one in our home, so I hope the wear and tear will be less and the paint will look good until we get around to changing them out for good!

Any quick fixes around your house that you would like to share?


Moss, moss, moss January 10, 2012

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Moss is messy, but I like moss balls and moss letters, so I took the plunge!

Messy indeed, but I like the end result! Start with styrofoam balls and sheet moss from your local craft store and get the glue gun hot!

Cut strips of moss out and start gluing and filling in as needed. It doesn’t matter in the end how you do it, it looks great even if there is overlapping.

Glue, glue, glue!

The moss ball is starting to take shape!

Voila! There you have it, easy as pie! But, messier than pie!

Now onto the letter D!

I was at my local party supply store and came across cardboard letters, so I scooped two letter D’s up.

Then I went to my local fabric store and bought a strip of foam from their scrap bin for a $1.20 to make my form a little fatter. I then cut it up and glued them to the D and topped with the second D to make my form to wrap with the moss.

And, yes I do know that they make styrofoam letter forms, but I wanted immediate gratification and this was my quick fix to get me there without having to track one down!

Here I go with the strips of moss and my trusty hot glue gun.

Keep going and going and going!

And the final product our family monogram the letter D!

Now to put my moss loving creation on display! I just wish that big ugly fan wasn’t in the way!

Alright, now it is your turn….create your family monogram with moss and link here if you please!


T-shirt flower necklace January 3, 2012

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So, my love affair with old t-shirts is still going strong! Today I made a necklace with an old t-shirt and some clearance fabric from JoAnn’s.

I love the fact that all my old t-shirts are coming to life again! I love reusing stuff! Below is the t-shirt I used as well as the brown fabric from JoAnn’s.

I bought a simple chain and clasp set to make the necklace.

Next, I cut lots and lots of circles from the t-shirt and fabric, they don’t have to be perfect.

The fabric was a little sturdier then the t-shirt so I used the brown fabric as a base.  I folded the circles inward and gathered from the bottom to create little cone shaped flowerettes thingys that I then glued on to the base.

Take out the trusty hot glue gun and glue to the middle of the base.Then just keep adding until you get the desired effect.Like so.Cut a piece of fabric to layout the chain in the sahpe you would be wearing it and glue the flowers down where you want them.Glue them close together.Then cut the fabric out around the flowers, this way it has a backing.

Looks like so when cut out.Super easy, just a bit time consuming with all the cutting of circles. I folded the fabric over itself a couple times to cut out more at a time. I might have to make these in every color! Thanks to little miss momma for this idea!


DIY Burlap Place Mats December 31, 2011

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I bought some cheap burlap to make place mats for our rustic Christmas themed table (stinky stuff, make sure you air it out before using). After a few tries I got the hang of it and made twelve!

You need to be able to measure to get an average size place mat at 12 x 18.  Then you grab one string to pull out so you have a straight line to cut down. I found that a piece of chalk came in handy to mark where you are pulling strings from and  where you want to snip it if you are not able to pull the string all the  way out in such a large piece of burlap.Pull the string all the way out. And there you have it, a path for your scissors!Start cutting out your place mats.Pull three or four strings from each side to get the fringed edge we all like so much.Sorry my pictures got a little blurry here, but you get the idea.There you have it, super easy. Now to give them a little pizazz! Break out the spray paint and tape, here we go!I am making simple stripes here with painters tape and Champagne colored spray paint.

I think it would  be fun to stencil an image on as well, like you initial or some kind of swirly thing, maybe a leaf. The possibilities are endless. Oh and the burlap cost me just under $7.00 to make 12 place mats. What a steal!


Brown paper bag flowers December 23, 2011

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Brown paper lunch bags turned into flowers, took a few times to get them right with a lot of manipulating, but after a few tries it became fun and every one is completely different! I strung them on a string with clothespins and a bit of greenery in between.

Here is how I did it…I started with a basic brown lunch bag.

Then I cut off the bottom.

Next, I divided the bag into four sections length wise.

Now stack em up!

Fold the stack from the short end into an accordion.

Then I stapled the middle to secure it.

Now, it is time to round the edges with your scissors, unless you want pointy edges, which would be cool too!

Here comes the tricky part, at least till you get the hang of it…peel the flower petals out to form a flower.

I also, tried the other way too. Ya know when I told you earlier to fold accordion style from the short end? Well, try it from the long end with eight sheets of paper bag instead of four. The result is a bigger, fuller flower like below.

I took mine and strung it by string with clothespins (wanted some kind of rope or raffia, but had none on hand) I then added some greenery to give it contrast.

In the end I am pleased with the results, I might have to do some more!
I hope you give it a try!


Its Christmas time, so that means it is time to get crafty! November 30, 2011

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Here we go…this ornament craft uses candy, doesn’t get much easier! It would be cute on top of a gift too.

I love how simple this Christmas card is using your child’s hand print and craft eyes, really cute!

Perhaps you have been saving your wine corks, well here is a clever way to use them

Dress up those candles too! (

Anyway to use a pine cone is always fun to me!

Now just paint some wooden balls the colors of your holiday decor and write simple words, like joy, peace, and noel and use em as a centerpiece, nice.

Here is a clever santa ornament using popsicle sticks, easy and fun for kids!

Who doesn’t love bells? This craft involves paper or plastic cups, a bell hung with twine or string, and some tinsle. Makes a nice decoration too!

Bedazzle, a fun way to adorn a plain ornament!

It is always fun to work with edibles!

This garland is a lovely idea for the mantel.

Christmas crackers are always fun and kids like em!

Christmas tree scape with Santa of course,  could also use party hats for this one!

Get out the sponges and cut out Christmas shapes to make wrapping paper or just stamp away for fun!

I love when you can put egg cartons to good use!

It’s just a paper plate people, how easy is this?

I love this idea of a lighted garland for dark stairs, great idea for a party, cute!

Popsicle Christmas trees with whatever embellishments you have on hand.

These whimsical trees look like fun to make don’t they?

Another fun garland idea!

Kinda makes my hands hurt thinking about all the cutting here, but it sure looks cool!

Time to get crafty, have fun!


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