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Photography light box January 24, 2012

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Living in Seattle is beautiful, but this time of year it is grey, grey, dark and did I mention dark and grey, which makes taking pictures indoors can be a challenge! I also wanted to be able to take photos at night, so I decided to make a light box or a DIY home photography studio.

This is how I did it. I bought an 18″ moving box from Lowes and sealed up the bottom with White duct tape.

Next, I measured a frame on three sides and cut windows out on both sides and the top.

I used basic wrapping tissue paper for the windows and taped it on with the white duct tape.

Now for the backdrop, I put velcro with the prickly side on three tabs of the back wall at the top and the soft side at the corresponding points on a pretty fabric. I bought a couple different ones so I can change them out periodically. I also put burlap on the bottom/floor.

I bought utility clamp lights from Lowes, around $7.50  for each and 100 watt daylight bulbs and then I used dining room chairs for props on both sides to attach the utility lights to and pointed them inside each window. My first picture I took were of the limes below with natural daylight.

Then I waited til dark and snapped away.

Until I get a fancy camera upgrade this will work for me, now if I could just find a home for it! My husband isn’t happy about me taking over the dining room with my photography studio!


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